Riva’s experience, global partnership philosophy and investments’ fruit is the network supported by more than 90 in-country providers offering direct and price effective routes in their base countries over public Internet and private international networks besides the routes provided by bilateral agreements with several PTTs and mobile operators always backed up with TDM quality alternative.
Riva managers are bringing a vast amount of experience in domestic/international voice and data communications witnessing TDM and IP revolutions in the telecommunication industry.

Riva is proud to be debt free company with more than 1 million minutes of daily traffic and more than 90 in-country providers. Our friendly, customer-oriented staff with our partners is ready to give rapid responses to our client inquiries. Riva’s timely and flexible payment terms besides access to high amounts of traffic are the key reasons enabling us to work with the best in-country providers and this always improved our routes’ quality. As an in country or startup partner we always understand your situation in means of low investment potential and fast payments. Please get in contact with us for a long term and fruitful relationship.

Riva is one of the important players on the telecommunication voice market , financially stable and strategically positioned. Riva’s vision is continually gaining market share increasing profits for the company and its customers keeping the high service quality.
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