What makes Riva different is the global quality approach on all the services provided. Quality is the most important factor while offering relatively newer technologies to the end-users whom we believe should feel the highest quality possible in their first experience with the services you offer. Right at this point, Riva is the global quality voice service provider you can rely on.

Riva provides A to Z voice termination to more than 80 international carriers based in 21 countries. Most of our customers are providing broadband voice and calling card services to their end-users in their base countries and also over Internet to worldwide customers.

Business and home end-users registered to our customers' gateways or our switches with any method they like ( Direct Dial – Calling Card – ANI ) can reach any country fixed, mobile, premium and tollfree number with a crystal clear voice quality at affordable rates. Our different quality packages are prepared to offer a determined estimated Answer Seizure Ratio and Average Call Duration to our customers for their option to choose a level of quality they would need to service to their end users.

Our wholesale origination traffic source is 6 of the biggest 10 PTT's besides over 50 calling card, fixed line, mobile operator customers and also our own proprietary platform customers.

What makes Riva different is the experience in the field of wholesale direct voice termination. Riva has termination agreements with several South America, Africa and Asia PTTs besides Europe mobile operators. Riva’s global partnership philosophy resulted in a network with more than 90 in-country providers offering us white routes in their base countries over public Internet or private international networks. Riva service difference is the quality of all the routes backed up with TDM routes even in the hardest places to reach in the world.

The basic problem of the startup companies aiming to provide voice services to their potential enduser customers is a reliable system with a reasonable pricing. Riva has built a proprietary system utilizing state of the art software technologies and redundant backed up hardware for providing the turnkey solution.

Riva’s proprieatary system provides the solution to startup Internet Telephony Service Providers with IP Centrex, Calling Card, International Callback, Voicemail, Fax2Mail features either hosted or as a box offering.

With Riva hosted system you can manage all the operations from the website created for you on our servers. You just need to sell the services to your customers at your own pricing.
On your website you may check live statistics of the service besides your users balance and profitability of the service you are selling.

Riva box solution consists of a gateway based in your own country with access to PSTN via PRI, MF R2, MGCP or SS7 interconnection according to your needs and reaches your called number to the destination through either our network or a service provider you choose to work with. Our solutions are tailored exactly to your needs and all come with an after-sales support reachable via telephone, instant messengers, live chat and trouble ticket system.

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